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Advantages And Characteristics Of New Type Of Veneer Dryers

             The new type wood dryer uses the unique box repetition circulation, steams the steam to advance steams, the baked matter heats up and the short-term constant temperature, the slow speed drops wet and so on craft, the wood dries does not produce the flaw, the distortion, the bending and so on. This wood dryer drying speed, wood drying uniform, low moisture content, wood color good, internal and external consistent, fully in line with the requirements of wood products processing.Veneer Dryers

             Wood drying machine to wood processing residues (edge skin, sawn material, wood shavings, etc.) as fuel, through the efficient heat exchange mechanism heating, configuration of efficient steam generator, the production of mixed hot and humid air, with the fan into the drying chamber of wood drying, and wood in the moth and eggs can be killed. This new wood dryer has a unique ideal energy saving effect, so that the cost is low, baked wood clean, simple and convenient operation, safe and reliable use. Performance indicators have reached the leading level of similar products in China. The most characteristic is the new wood dryer without civil and other ancillary equipment, the day of installation and commissioning use, and can be moved at any time.Veneer Dryers

             When the cylinder is moving downward, the adjusting bolt is 2 screwed tightly, and the screw all 1 loose back one lap (note that the number of rings must be tightened and the number of rings is equal), the cylinder will stop moving down, and if the reverse moves upwards, the liquid lubricant is added to the idler, and the cylinder will stop up and tighten the bolt 1 if it still moves up. Loosen the bolt 2, the simplified stop up move, if in turn move down again, should wipe off the lubrication sleeve on the idler wheel, if necessary, repeat the method until not to move until. During the adjustment process, the idler wheel is prevented from skewing in different directions. In the adjustment process, in order to make the dryer barrel, it is best to pour some lubricating oil on the surface of the wheel, to increase the surface friction; Conversely, in order to reduce the cylinder, can be poured some viscous grease, reducing surface friction. Adjust the wheel to adjust the 4 idler wheels at the same time, and ensure that the tyre and idler are not less than 50% of the contact surface.Veneer Dryers