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Application Specification For Veneer Stackers

    The project uses the world's advanced level of automated logistics warehousing equipment, the realization of the storage of three-dimensional library automation management, to achieve timely automatic supply line for the delivery of cylinder block core and empty pallets, at the same time in the delivery line for the next station delivery of goods, control using manual, automatic two forms, more flexible handling of the abnormal transport problems.Veneer Stackers

    The conveying System plc is connected with the monitoring machine through the communication processor, receives the Operation command issued by the monitor, returns the execution status of the command and the system state, etc. The electronic control system has the function of sound and light alarm and the elimination of sound and light alarm for fault detection and fault status. The composite core storage bank is used to store the sand core and the empty supporting plate, and to adjust the supply and demand balance between the core and the Molding department.Veneer Stackers

    The storage core capacity of 448 sets of core, inventory cycle 24h. Adopt three shifts of work. The molding line adopts two shifts of parallel working system, and the core adopts three shifts. Molding line Productivity 70/h, core productivity 55 Sets/h, molding line needs sand core quantity is larger than the core quantity. Core section of the operation of the beat of 55 sets/h adjustable, the core section of the operation of the beat 70 sets/h adjustable, empty pallet returned to the storage part of the running beat of 70 sets/h adjustable, to the core section of the running beat 55 sets/h adjustable. Key device description.Veneer Stackers

    The stacker is driven by the traveling motor through the driving axle to do the horizontal walking on the lower guide rail, and the lifting motor is driven by the steel wire rope to make the vertical lifting movement, and the fork of the loading platform is used to do the telescopic movement. The three-dimensional movement can remove the goods from the specified location or send the goods to the designated shelves. Veneer Stackers

    The walking address is used to measure the horizontal walking position of the stacker, and the lifting address is used to control the lifting position of the pallet. The fork direction is positioned using proximity switches. Through the photoelectric recognition, as well as the transformation of the optical communication signal, realize the computer control, also can realize the stacking machine control cabinet manual and half automatic control. At the same time, the optimized speed regulation method is adopted to reduce the impact of the stacker's deceleration and downtime, which greatly shortens the starting and stopping buffer distance of stacker, and improves the operation efficiency of the stacking machine.Veneer Stackers