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Basic Structure Of Single Board Automatic Veneer Stackers

                 The basic structure of BDD1113-1 single Board automatic stacker is mainly composed of conveying part, frame part, adsorption part, pneumatic part, connecting plate part and control system. 1) conveying part. The conveying part mainly consists of conveying frame, conveyor belt and driving roller. The conveyer adopts the steel plate welding structure, the overall rigidity is good, the strength is high, mainly is used to support the conveyer belt and the driving roller. The driving roller has an active roller and a driven roller, which is mounted on the two ends of the conveying frame, and the bearing seat of the driving roller is fixed on the conveying frame with bolts. Conveying with the upper and lower floors, there are 2 transport belt, below the transport belt 4, holding a single plate forward transmission. 2) Framework section. The frame part mainly consists of supporting leg, longitudinal beam, crossbeam and connecting plate, which is mainly used to support the adsorption part. 3) adsorption part. Mainly by the fan and adsorption hood, and so on, used to transport to the board above the specification of veneer from the conveyor belt to suck up. 4) Pneumatic part. Mainly consists of the cylinder, the gas source three conjoined and so on, is used for the variable gradient adsorption unloading mechanism and the elevating platform to provide the power for the device to complete the predetermined action. 5) part of the board. Mainly by the shear-type hydraulic lifting table and the device, used to stack the specifications of the veneer. 6) control system. The use of programmable Controller inverter touch screen operation terminal and other components. The humanized design of the control system achieves the design goal of fast processing speed and stable performance.Veneer Stackers

                The thickness of the single board is thinner and the longitudinal fiber is transported, so the strength of the veneer is poor and it is easy to be damaged. The single board will cause single board breakage, so the method of variable gradient adsorption unloading plate is designed, and the characteristic of the variable gradient adsorption unloading plate is that the inclined gradually implements the unloading plate, and the vacuum adsorption is the key technology.Veneer Stackers

                When the conveyor belt will be transported to the plate part of the front, only the upper conveyor belt and no lower conveyor belt, at this time the vacuum adsorption device above the conveyor belt, relying on negative pressure will be the single board adsorption in the conveyor belt issued, continue to transport the single Board. The adsorption part is through the blower to change the air flow inside the bellows, so as to form a negative pressure in the bellows to realize the single board in the process of conveying without sliding. When the single board is transported to the set light eye detection position, the single board position information is passed to the PLC system, the control system sends out the instruction, the unloading plate push rod pushes the single board to leave the conveyer belt, falls on the board lift platform. After the lifting platform of single board, the system controls the cylinder action of the middle push plate and completes the single board alignment. The system completes the single board stacking once the board is piled up to a set height.Veneer Stackers