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Cycle Mode And Surface Treatment Of Veneer Dryers

Modern dryer began to use the intermittent operation of the fixed-bed dryer. In the 19th century century, the use of the tunnel-type dryer marked the development of the dryer from intermittent operation to the continuous operation direction. Rotary cylinder Dryer is a good way to achieve the stirring of granular materials, drying capacity and strength can be improved. Some industries have developed the industry to adapt to the requirements of the continuous operation of dryers, such as textile, paper industry drum dryer.Veneer Dryers

Veneer dryer There are many, there are two main types, roller-type transmission single plate dryer and mesh belt conveyor single plate dryer. The drying effect mainly depends on the circulation mode of hot air in dryer. The cycle of hot air has two broad categories, longitudinal and transverse. Longitudinal cycle, that is, hot air along the length of the dryer. Because of the long cycle of hot air, the loss of wind speed along the way, and the uneven wind speed in the dryer, so, the drying effect is poor, this type of machine has been rarely used.Veneer Dryers

In the transverse circulation dryer, the split air flow is parallel to the plate surface through and vertically sprayed on the veneer surfaces of two, in which the airflow perpendicular to the single board surface spraying the best effect. This is based on the veneer thickness of small, large surface area, can be high temperature and fast drying characteristics of steam radiator to heat air to 150 ℃ above, by the ventilator and nozzle to make the hot air quickly vertical spray to the veneer surface. By the impact of jet, destroying the critical layer of veneer surface and saturated water vapor layer, overcoming the friction resistance between airflow and veneer surface, so as to enter the heat, the discharge of moist air is quite rapid, so as to achieve the goal of high temperature and fast drying of veneer.Veneer Dryers

The drying rate of the material depends on the surface vaporization rate and the diffusion rate of the internal moisture distribution. The drying rate is usually controlled by the surface vaporization rate. Then, as long as the dry external conditions remain unchanged, the drying rate and surface temperature of the material is maintained, this stage is called the constant-speed drying stage;Veneer Dryers 

When the moisture content of the material is reduced to a certain degree, the diffusion rate of the internal wet-divided surface is lower, and the surface vaporization rate is less The drying rate is mainly determined by the internal diffusion rate and decreases with the decrease of wet content, which is called the spin down drying stage.Veneer Dryers