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Design And Proof Of Veneer Dryers

Veneer can be natural drying, but also available drying room or dryer drying, natural and indoor drying is only in the production of small factories to use, the general use of various types of dryers, because the latter production efficiency is high.Veneer Dryers

Veneer dryer There are many, there are two main types, roller-type transmission single plate dryer and mesh belt conveyor single plate dryer. The drying effect mainly depends on the circulation mode of hot air in dryer. The cycle of hot air has two broad categories, longitudinal and transverse. Longitudinal cycle, that is, hot air along the length of the dryer. Because of the long cycle of hot air, the loss of wind speed along the way, and the uneven wind speed in the dryer, so, the drying effect is poor, this type of machine has been rarely used.Veneer Dryers

Veneer dryer is the main equipment for the production of plywood, also called mesh belt type veneer dryer. Just cut down the single board water content is very high, veneer dryer is mainly used in the drying of veneer, it is economic, the smallest loss of plate means to reduce the moisture content of the veneer, so that it reaches the process of process requirements. The veneer dryer is composed of a transmission chamber, a drying chamber and a cooling chamber.Veneer Dryers

With the increase of plywood, fiberboard and particleboard production in Wood-based panel production enterprises, veneer has been widely used as a very important substrate, and its drying quality and production efficiency have been paid more and more attention. Wood veneer drying is an important link to improve the application quality of wood-based panels, improve wood utilization, and ensure the quality of wood products, which is to overcome the lack of forest resources, the shortage of veneer timber, and the lack of large diameter materials, and to promote a large number of artificial growing to replace natural forests as the main source of Veneer Dryers