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Dimensional Design Of Veneer Stackers

Stacking machine speed limit anti-fall device, loose rope protection device can be verified by anti-fall test, some manufacturers use the following methods of operation: the use of rods to support the loading platform, loosen the rope, artificial percussion pole, , Fall on the cargo stand, complete the test. This method is primitive, operational risk, while the lateral force affects the test effect. As the detection method is not ideal, the operation of the stacker safe buried this hidden danger.Veneer Stackers

In use, the stacker not only in accordance with the above requirements of the sturdy with a security device at the same time, the device must also be verified by testing to confirm qualified. In view of this, the test is an indispensable process in the production of the stacker.Veneer Stackers

Operation method is: the test device to support the loading platform, through the upper and lower pole through the shaft two-way folding tilt. As the strut is folded in both directions, the loading platform is subjected to equivalent free fall movement, so the anti-fall device function is detected. This device uses the dead point self-locking principle to support the loading platform, through the deadlock, to achieve with the moment of the cargo platform from the off, so that the loading platform Huo equivalent free fall movement. The safety protection of the fork and fork retracting mechanism is not only related to the accurate positioning of the access cargo, but also to prevent the overtaking of the overhaul of the cargo fork, the cargo and the shelves. The safety protection of the fork and the telescopic mechanism is generally determined by the adjustment of the clutch torque and the reliability of the safety protection.Veneer Stackers

To achieve the automatic management of the three-dimensional library storage, to achieve timely and timely supply of cable for the cylinder core and empty tray, while in the delivery line to achieve timely delivery of goods for the next station, control the use of manual, automatic two forms, more flexible Delivery of the abnormal problems. The stacking machine is driven by the traveling motor to drive the wheel on the lower rail by the drive shaft. The lifting motor is driven by the rope to promote the vertical movement of the loading and unloading platform. Through the above three-dimensional movement can be designated cargo of goods or the goods into the designated cargo.Veneer Stackers