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Improvement And Innovation Of Log Debarkers

Peeling machine Scope: suitable for the new cutting needle and some broad-leaved wood for peeling treatment, but also to complete part of the cold material, dry material peeling treatment. Wood peeling machine (wood peeling machine) mainly by the feeding mechanism, the material body, cutter, transmission system, chassis and other components. Wood peeling machine (wood peeling machine) Features: Four blade cutting tools, easy to use, low cost.Log Debarkers

 Knife pressure regulator by the hydraulic control, advanced structure, reliable performance. Feeding institutions using stepless speed change, the frozen material, bending materials, eucalyptus, oak, elm and other difficult to peel the tree species has a good peeling effect.Log Debarkers

Stripping high clarity, high productivity, small wood damage. Wood peeling machine (wood peeling machine) How it works: the logs, branches and other wood into the drum, close the feed baffle, start the machine, clockwise direction, the wood in the drum with the machine running, stripping The knife can peel the skin on the wood. 15 minutes after the closure of the machine, open the material baffle, and then start the machine and run counterclockwise for two minutes, peeled leather can be automatically sent by the drum. Stripping rate can reach 95%.Log Debarkers

Efficient double-rotor wood peeling machine is a new generation of highly efficient wood peeling products developed on the basis of single roll. The machine is more efficient and more skinned than single roll peeling machine. Wood damage is less, the design is more reasonable.Log Debarkers

High-performance double-rotor wood peeling machine Features: The use of open silo, from a feed, the other end of the assembly line operation, to overcome the existing drum-type peeling machine power outage, discharge, sub-type work shortcomings ,high working efficiency. The wood adaptability, can be different tree species, diameter, length and shape of the wood segment peeling, due to the wooden section to do the rotary motion and irregular beating, so the curved section of the concave section of the teeth can also be a good contact with the stripping teeth The Wood peeled machine Scope: suitable for the new cutting needle and some of the broad-leaved material for peeling, but also to complete part of the frozen material, dry material peeling treatment. Wood peeling machine, also known as wood peeling machine or wood peeling machine, wood processing machinery belonging to one of the products.Log Debarkers