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Log Debarkers Take You To Understand The Transportation And Storage Of Wood

Wood in the storage and transportation process, susceptible to bacterial damage, pests, dry, fire, floods and other disasters, resulting in deterioration of wood and so on. Therefore, we must do a good job of keeping timber, take effective measures and methods to avoid and reduce the occurrence of all kinds of disasters to ensure that the quantity and quality of wood are not damaged.Log Debarkers

Fungus damage is the wood in the growth and storage process, by the erosion of fungi caused by mildew or decay. The physical and mechanical properties of fungi-induced discoloration of wood are almost indistinguishable from normal materials and damage the appearance of wood. If the control is not good, but also easy to cause decay.Log Debarkers 

Fungi can reproduce under temperature 2~35℃, the most suitable temperature is 16~25℃, while most fungi can reproduce in the 18%~120% of wood water content, and the most suitable wood moisture content of fungus reproduction is $number. Thus, the prevention of fungal activity and reproduction is: to make the wood moisture content of less than 25%, or increase the moisture content of wood to more than 120%, resulting in fungus is not easy to live and reproduce. At the same time can also use a variety of chemical agents (preservatives) sprayed or brushing in the wood appearance, limit and eliminate fungi.Log Debarkers At present, it is unrealistic to use preservatives in yard to prevent bacterial harm, and other precautionary measures should be considered. such as speeding up the timber transport, shortening the wood in yard time, the pathogen of the log to take custody, wood wet storage or maintain a high moisture content.Log Debarkers

Wood is not skinned or striped and scattered, most vulnerable to pests. The main pests are: alternatus, borer insects, weevil and tree bees. Insects that erode wood, some of which are limited to damaging bark and surface layers, are bred and promoted by insects that bite their bark, and other insects will penetrate into the wood-borers during the breeding period, destroying the integrity of the wood and causing discoloration and decay.Log Debarkers