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Mesh Belt Type Veneer Dryers

          Veneer dryer is the main equipment for the production of plywood, also called mesh belt type veneer dryer. Just cut down the single board water content is very high, veneer dryer is mainly used in the drying of veneer, it is economic, the smallest loss of plate means to reduce the moisture content of the veneer, so that it reaches the process of process requirements. The veneer dryer is composed of a transmission chamber, a drying chamber, a cooling chamber and so on.Veneer Dryers

         "Mesh Belt type veneer dryer (GB/t 6199-2000)" standard chapter 5th Technical requirements and chapter 6th test methods retained in GB/T 6201-1986 related to the net belt type veneer dryer part of the content, and a number of technical requirements are added, some of which are higher than the original standard. In addition, this standard increases the 7th Chapter Inspection rules, the 8th chapter marks, the packing, the transportation, the storage.Veneer Dryers.

          Load test: 1 Load test should be confirmed after the air transfer test, according to the design document of the drying standard, to dry a certain number of thin, medium and thick veneer of the way. 2 Load test In addition to check dryer parts work is normal, reliable, should also carry out all or part of the following project inspection: In accordance with this standard appendix A measuring the temperature difference in the dryer, according to the design documents and the methods and requirements of the contract to test the production capacity and energy consumption of dryer, according to the provisions of this standard 4.3 to verify the accuracy of the dryer Accuracy testing: The geometric accuracy of the dryer according to the provisions of this standard 4.2 inspection, work accuracy of the test combined with load test. Inspection rules: Factory inspection, each equipment must be inspected, inspected qualified products, completed product certification can be packaged after the factory. Factory inspection projects should generally include the appearance of quality, geometric accuracy and cold air transfer test. Type inspection: test of basic parameters and dimensions, appearance quality inspection, cold state and hot air transfer test, load test, load test, precision test. When one of the following conditions, should be carried out type test: New products or old products to change the production of stereotypes and identification; After normal manufacture, such as structure, material, process has a large changes, normal production, regular or accumulate a certain product, should be a test cycle.Veneer Dryers