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Necessity Of Veneer Dryers In Industrial Production

    Veneer dryer is the main equipment for the production of plywood, also called mesh belt type veneer dryer. Just cut down the single board water content is very high, veneer dryer is mainly used in the drying of veneer, it is economic, the smallest loss of plate means to reduce the moisture content of the veneer, so that it reaches the process of process requirements. The veneer dryer is composed of a transmission chamber, a drying chamber, a cooling chamber and so on.Veneer Dryers
   In the wood veneer drying treatment, veneer dryer is commonly used mechanical equipment. Veneer drying is similar to wood drying, but the drying method is more complicated, but it is very necessary. The significance of the existence of veneer dryer can be summed up as follows: 1, veneer area is large and thin, water diffusion, evaporation fast, can be in a few minutes high temperature drying. 2, veneer drying, the parts contraction inconsistent, easy to warp, cracks. 3, single board transverse direction strength is low, easy to breakage when dry. 4, wood drying, moisture moving fast, end, longitudinal moisture movement than the transverse 12-13 times faster, but because the veneer length is hundreds of times times larger than the thickness or thousands of times times, so the veneer drying moisture movement to the main landscape. 5, master the above characteristics, strict and develop its drying process is very necessary.Veneer Dryers
    Veneer dryer is one of the main woodworking equipment in the process of veneer and plywood production, which can make the veneer flat and moisture content even after drying. The production quality of veneer dryer can influence the yield of the plate, and the production quality of the late plate is directly related to the continuous plate drying design. Single-plate dryer using international professional drying technology for wood plate drying treatment, to ensure that the flatness and drying effect. In addition, the veneer dryer also has the reduction of thermal energy loss is a bit, is the current-saving society demand products. Single-plate dryer hot air through the upper and lower bellows of the nozzle into the operation of the upper and lower sides of the veneer, to make the veneer heating evenly, so as to play the role of drying, its dry plate quality is not directly related to plywood and other products of good product rate, that is, the overall effect of plywood and other products.Veneer Dryers
   Veneer dryer in the market competition, presumably you have seen it, the weak sooner or later one day will be eliminated, if you are the one that has been quiet with that, Buyanbuyu, even if you are working hard, not show out how people will know? In fact, a lot of things are just your mentality, always to set their own obstacles, not to do without trying to think of bad results, so how to have a good tomorrow, log peeling machine manufacturers if so, first change this mentality.