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Remote Fault Diagnosis Of Veneer Stackers

                In recent years, the rapid development of computer network technology and communication technology has provided technical means for remote diagnosis. Remote distributed condition monitoring and fault diagnosis system based on wide area network, by establishing monitoring points on the equipment and collecting the state data of equipment running. and transmission to the diagnosis Center; The Diagnosis Center Application System Dynamics Analysis theory model, the analysis program to the mechanical equipment fault analysis, finally obtains the quantification data, judges the probability and the type which the breakdown may fail. Diagnose the malfunction of the equipment, also be able to notify the equipment on site in time to take emergency measures, implement predictive maintenance, eliminate hidden dangers and avoid accidents. After the failure, the experts away from the scene do not need to visit the workplace, completely through the information exchange to solve the problem of the site. This not only improves the working efficiency, but also reduces the maintenance cost.Veneer Stackers

                Because of the support of network and communication technology, the remote diagnosis technology overcomes the geographical limitation, and the communication and transmission of the information in the diagnosis has more space, the field operation and technical personnel can not only obtain the support of the local fault diagnosis system, but also can obtain the technical and knowledge support of any one or several experts in the world through the information superhighway, and realize the resource sharing, which greatly widens the breadth and depth of the application of the fault diagnosis system.Veneer Stackers

                The function of the remote fault diagnosis system, the mechanical fault diagnosis, the early warning function, indicating the possible malfunction, including the fault type, the location and the severity, the accurate definition of the faults which have occurred, the fault diagnosis of the control program, the fault type, the path and the ability to perform remote automatic repair.Veneer Stackers