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Structure Operation Of Veneer Stackers

The low-speed shaft of the motor reducer drives the reel, the traction wheel, the sprocket and other transmission devices. When the motor is transmitted to the transmission device in the two-direction motion, through the transmission device in different direction of rotation will be involved in or out of the wire rope, or drive chain up and down movement, so that the loading platform and the material on it to achieve the lifting movement, so that the motor input rotary motion into the vertical and downward straight movement of the loading platform. Often closed brakes in the power of the brake, so that the mechanism to operate, braking in the case of loss, so that the loading station with the goods to stop the Take-off and landing, and in the specified position to maintain a static state.Veneer Stackers

When the loading table pulley group rises to the highest limit position, the rise limit position limiter is touched to meet the movement, causes the loading station to stop to rise. When the loading station is close to the rated weight, the weight limiter is detected in time, and the display is given, and a warning signal is issued, and the hoisting mechanism ceases to operate to ensure safety if the power is cut off in time.Veneer Stackers

When the hoist motor drives the double chain sprocket rotation through the drive chain, the lifting chains move, thus driving the loading platform (including fork, cargo) to lift. The hoist motor is controlled by PLC frequency conversion to avoid the pulling force of the lifting chain when starting and stopping. The pallet is mainly welded by steel and steel, and is mainly used for the installation of forks and some safety protection devices. In order to ensure that the loading platform runs smoothly up and down, each side of it is fitted with 4 guide wheels and 2 top wheels along the column.Veneer Stackers

The operation of electric stacker can greatly improve the work efficiency, lighten the labor intensity of the workers and win the market competition opportunity for the enterprise. Stacker, suitable for narrow passages and limited space operations, is the ideal tool for elevated warehouses, supermarkets, workshop loading and unloading and stacking pallets. This machine adopts computer program control, stepless variable speed, high quality C-Beam refining wide field of vision door frame, load 0.5T max lifting height up to 5.2 meters, load 1T maximum rise up to 4.5 meters, load 2T maximum lifting height of 3 meters.Veneer Stackers