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The Core Of The Log Debarkers

      Round open, some board edge on the bark, and some wood industry in the use of time, it is necessary to deal with the bark. So that the wood can not use our wood peeling machine to remove the bark it? The answer is yes, but with our ring peeling machine is not enough, to use our trough peeling machine, it is best to use two-roll type. Slot the machine, the board edge on the inside of the trench for skinning. Turn the teeth on the roller back and forth to twist the bark, again and again to remove the bark. This machine effect is the most obvious.Log Debarkers

    In many places, such a board edge directly lost, not to use. It caused a very large waste, the use of peeling machine processing, can be used to process more places, can be used as papermaking raw materials for chipping, you can do plate, the use of sawdust processing sawdust and so on. There are many ways to re-use waste wood, are inseparable from the role of machinery and equipment.Log Debarkers

    Wood peeling machine, is the log loaded with a peeling machine, start the machine, so that the knife can peel off the leather on the logs, stripping rate can reach 95%. Instead of the original labor of the original peeling effort, time-consuming work, greatly improve the work efficiency, but also the logs of the wood section and the irregular part of the outer circle round, and then go to the NC card without peeling machine , Will be able to ensure the uniformity of the thickness of peeling veneer.Log Debarkers

    Wood peeling machine features: easy to use, low cost, with a good peeling effect. Stripping high clarity, high productivity, small wood damage. Wood peeling machine is mainly applied to plywood factory, veneer factory, factory and so on. Peeling machine mainly by the knife, transmission system, chassis and other components.Log Debarkers

    Can effectively solve the needs of users of products is a good product, any advertising is better than the user with the good, only for the user needs to do the product is the conscience of the product, wood peeling machine is the case. Really think of customers think, and customers need products is a good product, in this quality for the first society, conscience products to receive consumer recognition and support. Wood peeling machine as a traditional woodworking machinery, the price is not low, consumers put the money, harvest if you can not reach their own wishes will not once again support.Log Debarkers