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The Development Way Of Log Debarkers

    Log stripping machine, is to put the log on the peeling machine, start the machine, so that the peeling knife can be stripped of the skin on the log, stripping rate can reach 95%. Instead of the original manual skinning effort, time-consuming work, greatly improve the work efficiency, but also can log wood and the outer circle of irregular part of one-time scraping round, and then turn to CNC card-free axis rotary cutting machine, can guarantee the thickness of the veneer. Log peeling machine features: Easy to use, low cost, has a good skinning effect. High net peeling, high productivity, small damage to wood. Log peeling machine is mainly applied to plywood factory, veneer factory, material factory, etc. Stripping machine mainly by the tool holder, transmission system, chassis and other components.Log Debarkers
   With the penetration and development of artificial intelligence in the field of computer, the log peeling machine also has a leap-forward development in the control performance. The control mechanism of adaptive control, fuzzy system and neural network is introduced in NC system, not only has the functions of automatic programming, Feedforward control, fuzzy control, learning control, adaptive control, automatic process parameter generation, three-dimensional tool compensation and dynamic compensation of motion parameters, but also the Man-machine interface is very friendly, and the fault diagnosis expert system makes the self-diagnosis and fault monitoring function more perfect. In short, the new generation of numerical control system technology has greatly improved, promoting the performance of log peeling machine to high-precision, high speed, high flexibility in the direction of development, so that the level of flexible automation processing technology continues to improve. With the continuous development of CNC automation technology, wood peeling machine in many aspects will be further improved, for our better production contribution.Log Debarkers
   Can effectively solve the user needs of products is a good product, no advertising is not as good as users, only to be able to do for the user's needs and products are conscience products, log peeling machine is so. Really think of customers think, and customers need products is a good product, in this quality of the first society, conscience products can receive consumers recognition and support. Log peeling machine as a traditional woodworking machinery, the price is not low, the consumer invested money, reap if not to achieve their own will will not support again. Only the quality of our conviction, corporate reputation let us appreciate the enterprise products is our final choice.Log Debarkers