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The Working Principle Of The Veneer Stackers

Design the basic principles

1 adsorption and stacking principle, the thickness of the veneer is thin and vertical fiber transport, so the strength of the board is poor, easy to break. The use of veneer straight down will cause the board to break, so the study design of the gradient gradient adsorption unloading plate method, gradient gradient adsorption unloading plate is characterized by the gradual implementation of unloading slant, vacuum adsorption is its key technology.Veneer Stackers

2 control system. BDD1113-1 single board automatic stacking machine using PLC programmable controller, current vector type inverter, position sensor, Chinese display and other components of the control system, using programmable logic controller to handle the process of transport and landing a variety of data , To ensure the accuracy and stability of motion control. Frequency converter is mainly used to drive the conveyor belt with high precision operation, change the control system parameters, to achieve different conditions of the plate speed.Veneer Stackers

The touch screen is the basic unit of the control system input calculation, through the input design control parameters to achieve the functions of the stacker; the use of advanced communications software controller, making the veneer conveyor speed and light eye positioning information are data display and control, thus To ensure more reliable equipment performance, more perfect function.Veneer Stackers

3 mechanical structure design and processing technology. The structural design of the stacker combines a variety of mechanisms such as vacuum adsorption, gear drive, chain drive, pneumatic and deceleration. The key components are CNC machining center, special machine tool and combination fixture to ensure the machining precision.

4 Pneumatic technology. According to the use of requirements, the ordinary cylinder to improve the additional adjustable buffer function. The implementation of components, speed control components to form a pneumatic unit, with a low starting pressure, reliable performance, small impulse, long durability characteristics, better meet the design requirements of the device.Veneer Stackers

5 machine work program. Start the machine → the normal operation of the machine → set the transmission and other relevant parameters; start the fan and conveyor unit → light eye positioning; start the cylinder gradient gradient suction plate → → → → positioning board → a stack board, the end of the work process. Repeat the next loop.Veneer Stackers