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Veneer Dryers Production Process And Market Prospects

     Veneer after drying will be used to process into a sheet, that is, plywood, veneer drying capacity of the veneer, will be related to the quality of the finished sheet, the degree of drying of the board will be late and hot It is necessary to control the moisture content of the veneer within the allowable range. Veneer dryer is the hot air blowing through the nozzle on the upper and lower sides of the board, you can make the board heat evenly to achieve the effect of drying. Drying at the same time does not affect the flatness of the plate. If the dry quality is not good, or dry on the veneer to produce a certain damage, will affect the late plywood production process.Veneer Dryers

     Veneer dryer not only drying effect, and low heat loss, is the most economical and practical veneer drying equipment. German workers heavy equipment for many years engaged in veneer dryer production experience, according to user requirements made of different sizes of veneer drying equipment. The application of veneer dryer to improve the speed of drying veneer, it is fast drying speed, dry uniform effect is better by more and more users to use, but as a veneer dryer manufacturer, but also should enhance the performance of the product, Improve the quality of the product as a key to quality to win the user's reputation, to gain a reputation in the market, the user realized that the veneer dryer felt the important position in this area. The veneer is cut off by peeling machine, and the veneers are dried by veneer dryer. Veneer Dryers

     It is a very economical and effective drying method to reduce the moisture content of veneer and make it Glued production requirements. Good veneer dryer with what to win market share, rely on marketing means is not enough, the user's reputation is the most convincing, good reputation is a business can be long-term access to users and sustainable development of the protection, but also the most economical , The highest credibility of the marketing tool. But the premise must protect the quality of products, and constantly improve the product, enhance performance, high-quality products to win the user's reputation, in the highly competitive market which a firm foothold.Veneer Dryers