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Veneer Stackers Takes You To The Performance Of The Stacker

     A special crane that buys, carries and stacks from a fork or string, or accesses a unit of cargo from a high shelf (see unitized transport). It is a warehouse equipment (see material handling machinery), divided into bridge stacking cranes and roadway stacking cranes (also known as roadway cranes) two. Is a high-level shelves in the narrow roadway operations crane, can greatly improve the warehouse area and space utilization, is the main warehouse automation equipment, also known as rail stacker.Veneer Stackers

   Using two or three sections of fork. One of the three fork is by the fork, the middle fork, fixed fork and guide roller and other components of the fork extension and contraction agencies. The fixed fork is mounted on the loading platform, and the middle fork can be moved from the midpoint of the middle fork to the outside by about half of its length, driven by gears and racks. The fork can extend from the midpoint of the midpoint fork to a longer length than its own.Veneer Stackers

   Latest applications: Stacker is the core of the entire automated warehouse equipment, through manual operation, semi-automatic operation or automatic operation to achieve the goods from one to another. It consists of rack (upper beam, lower beam, column), horizontal walking mechanism, lifting mechanism, loading platform, fork and electrical control system. The form of the stacker is determined in a variety of ways, including single-track roadway stackers, two-track roadway stackers, roadway stackers, single column stackers, double column stackers and many more.Veneer Stackers

   Determine the speed of the stacker: Calculate the horizontal speed, lift speed and fork speed of the stacker according to the flow requirements of the warehouse. Other parameters and configuration: the user's request to select the stacking machine positioning, communication and so on. The stacker's configuration can be high or low depending on the situation.Veneer Stackers

   An automatic forklift machine developed on the basis of a forklift crane with the characteristics of a forklift.There are lifts that can be lifted up and down from a rigid column hanging from a crane, and the column can be rotated about the vertical center line The width of the roadway required between the shelves is smaller than that required for the forklift.Veneer Stackers