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Why Use A Veneer Dryers

 veneer has been widely used as a very important veneer substrate, and its drying quality and production efficiency have been paid more and more attention. Wood veneer drying is to improve the quality of wood-based panel applications, improve timber utilization, protect the quality of wood products is an important part of China's forest resources is to overcome the shortage of veneer timber, large diameter less and less contradictory, Of the artificial fast-growing forest to replace natural forest to become China's major timber source of technical assurance.Veneer Dryers

Based on the comparison of the mesh belt drying dryer and the drum drying dryer and the characteristics of the machine, the paper analyzes the working principle of A continuous press, designs the continuous drying of the drying machine, see picture 1. The drying dryer mainly consists of the front drive system, the overall rack, heating drum and other components. The front drive system adopts the transmission method with the chain drive after the belt drive, and the same direction movement of the upper and lower steel strip is completed by several steering sprockets. The whole frame is welded by channel and angle steel, and some require frequent loading and unloading Part of the way through the use of bolts; heating drum with hot oil heating, and heating through the spiral heating tube.Veneer DryersWith the increase of plywood, fiberboard and particleboard production in wood-based panel manufacturers,

Good flatness. Mesh convection convection Drying veneer warp deformation is large, the performance of the corrugated height, the number of corrugations and the number of steep peaks, great curvature, in the subsequent hot press gluing process, it is easy to cause the stack or from the seam. And the rolling contact drying, the first board in the preheating system under the action of the steel strip and the board has a certain initial temperature.Veneer Dryers

And then sent into the heating drum, under the clamping of the strip, the contact drying to suppress the warping of the veneer. In particular, when the drying temperature reaches 190 ° C or higher, the wood reaches the glass transition (softening) point, and the wood is dried and fixed in the whole state, and the deformation is hardly caused even after the pressure is removed.Veneer Dryers