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Working Principle And Technical Field Of Log Debarkers

                 Wood Peeling Machine working principle: the logs, branches and other wood loaded into the drum, closing the feed baffle, start the machine, clockwise direction of operation, Wood in the drum with the operation of the machine, so that the peeling knife can peel off the wood. After 15 minutes, turn off the machine, open the discharging baffle, then start the machine and run counterclockwise for two minutes, peel the wood can be automatically sent out of the drum. The stripping rate can reach 95%.Log Debarkers

                 Wood peeling machine applicable scope: Suitable for the new cutting needles and some broad-leaved materials for peeling treatment, but also to complete the partial frozen material, dry material peeling treatment.Log Debarkers

                 Wood stripping machine, belongs to the technical field of papermaking machinery. The lenticels of each row on the cylinder wall of the existing wood peeling machine is enlarged, and the periphery of the discharge hole leans to an angle α. Installed on the ' mountain ' shape peeling knife, in the "mountain" zigzag skinning knife around the skin clearance. ' Mountain ' zigzag peeling knife has a plurality of skin clearance, each of the skin clearance is small outside the big shape, the drum speed is stepless variable speed. In this way, the skinning without water, to achieve different tree species, different diameters, different moisture content of wood smooth peeling and drainage, bark will not clog the hole, to obtain the best peeling effect and the best productivity, wood loss small.

                 The wood peeling machine adopts the roller-type peeling, the structure is simple and strong, the rigidity is strong, the failure rate is low, the service life is long. It consists of peeling roller, feed mouth, out of the skin mouth, out of wood mouth, power transmission device five parts. Break the traditional drum-type wood stripping machine, out of the material, the shortcomings of the shutdown. The wood export and wood export separation, to achieve continuous work, from the Feed → peeling → out of wood → further feed → again peeling → again out of the whole process of continuous, the realization of the flow-shop, automated production.                 Compared with different kinds of wood, the peeling effect can be adjusted, the wood length is different, the bending screw wet and dry can be peeled on the machine. Single-machine work can peel 35-50 tons of logs a day, greatly saving manpower.Log Debarkers