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Working Principle Of Log Debarkers

           Log peeling machine, also called wood peeling machine, wood peeling machine, belong to wood processing machinery series products. Log stripping machine, is to put the log on the peeling machine, start the machine, so that the peeling knife can be stripped of the skin on the log, stripping rate can reach 95%. Instead of the original manual skinning effort, time-consuming work, greatly improve the work efficiency, but also can log wood and the outer circle of irregular part of one-time scraping round, and then turn to CNC card-free axis rotary cutting machine, can guarantee the thickness of the veneer. Log peeling machine features: Easy to use, low cost, has a good skinning effect. High net peeling, high productivity, small damage to wood. Log peeling machine is mainly applied to plywood factory, veneer factory, material factory, etc. Stripping machine mainly by the tool holder, transmission system, chassis and other components.Log Debarkers

          Wood peeling machine is one of the important equipments in woodworking machinery. Because of the different tree species, its bark structure is also different, and wood has bending degree and tree fork, tree bag, tree festival, diameter level, water content and frozen material, and many other factors affecting the development and application of wood peeling machine, it is introduced the development and application of wood peeling machine in China.Log Debarkers

          1, the use of open silo, from one feed, the other end of the pipeline operation, to overcome the existing drum-type stripping machine power failure feed, out of the material, segmented mode of operation of the shortcomings, high efficiency. 2, due to the impact of the teeth on the wood segment, not only the wood section in the casing to do the circular motion, and around the rotation of their own, so the efficiency of the peeling, eucalyptus wood and other difficult to peel the tree has a good rate of stripping. 3, the adaptability to wood, can be different tree species, diameter, length and shape of the wood section to peel, because of the wood section to do rotary movement and irregular beat, so the concave part of the curved wood section can also be good contact with the peeling teeth teeth. Therefore, the net stripping rate of curved logs is much higher than that of other rollers. 4, because the huge machine shell is fixed, so the energy consumption is small, the failure rate is low, the maintenance workload is small, the vibration and the noise is much lower than the cylinder peeling confidential, the machine landing can produce, even without the base installation, the use is convenient.Log Debarkers